Friday, January 4, 2008

New Resources Discovered This Week

To Whom it May Concern:

I came across two knew resources this week that I thought might interest those of you who read this blog. One has to do with spiritual disciplines and the other with missions. Of the spiritual disciplines one, it goes along with my last post. I recommended a book about simplifying your spiritual life. This web-site is a site set up by Don Whitney himself (if I am not mistaken) and even provides the book in pdf format (I think) so you do not have to purchase it. Regardless, I encourage you to check it out and further your spiritual intimacy with Christ by reading and following through with some of his wise suggestions. You can go there directly by clicking here.

Another resource that I came across today is yet another very informative way we can pray for the nations of the world to come to know Christ. If you have heard of the book Operation World you will love this site. This web-site is actually a web form of the book, produced by Operation World and is very helpful. It has a link where you can pray for specific things each day (the link is called "Pray Today"). You can even click on a certain icon and have the prayer for the day be your homepage. In other words, everytime you log on-line the first thing that you will see will be the prayer request for the day. You can go directly to the web-site by clicking here. You will see at the bottom (on the right) the link to make it your own homepage. I hope you will use this resource to pray intentionally and diligently for the nations of the world to come to know the Savior Jesus Christ!