Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tax Returns, Economic Stimulus Payment, your Tithes, and the FAITH Offering

I came across two very interesting insights into what to do with the money the government is supposedly sending us sometime this month. When you couple this money with tax returns that some received this year, the opportunity to be blessed is HUGE. Remember, Jesus said it is more blessed to GIVE than it is to RECEIVE. So, perhaps God is giving His people this money in order that we might be cheerful givers because the gifts are given for causes that last for eternity instead of causes that last for a moment.
You can read the insights by clicking here and here. John Piper is extremely thought-provoking and extensively biblical.

Think of how the money you are getting from the government can be used to show the world you value Jesus and Him being glorified around the world more than you do anything else. Perhaps the money can be set aside and designated for a mission trip you want to go on within the next year. Perhaps the money can be used to help someone else go on mission this year. Perhaps you want to put away a pretty big chunk of the funds in order to give toward the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this next year. If you are a Wynne Baptist Church member reading this, let me remind you that we are woefully short on our FAITH Offering goal this year. Every dime of it goes toward fulfilling the Acts 1:8 challenge of making Jesus known in Wynne and around the world. Please give toward this offering! Or, perhaps the money can be used to get you back on track with your budget and you can actually begin (or start anew) tithing 10% of your income to your local church. Whatever you do, please consider how you might make much of our Lord Jesus with your money. The world isn't impressed with Christians who look and act and spend just like they do. The world is looking for those who find their joy in what will truly satisfy a soul!
Happy Eternal Spending!