Thursday, April 28, 2011

God's Waterfall of Blessing - UAE (Part 4)

All week long I have been posting some thoughts regarding my recent mission experience in Dubai, UAE.

Monday, I wrote a bit about why I call this series "God's Waterfall of Blessing."

Tuesday, I wrote about what is called "Compassion Kit Parties."

Yesterday I tried to describe what "Compassion Kits" are all about.

Today, I want to briefly describe how the guys in Dubai are following up with those who attend the Compassion Kit parties and/or surrender their lives to Christ during one of these parties. Prior to my going to Dubai, several from the church where I pastor had heard of men putting their faith in Christ, but did not know if any follow-up/discipleship was going on. I myself was unclear, thus my curiosity was high. My curiosity increased when I was told that the primary purpose of the "Compassion Kit Parties" was not to see men saved, but to get them involved in a story group. Really? The primary purpose? Yes. Let me explain...

As I explained on Tuesday, the parties served several different parties, complete with an invitation to respond to the Gospel. Many men responded and asked Jesus to save them and be their Lord and Savior. These men (along with others at the 'parties') were quickly encouraged to be a part of a story group that would meet soon thereafter. The purpose of these story groups are two-fold: First, for those who did trust Christ to grow in their understanding of the Bible and the Lord they just surrendered to. Second, there were many (being that all sorts of religious backgrounds were represented in the room) who were intrigued by the Person and teachings of Jesus, but still wanted to know more. The story groups, which (to put it simply and basically) are weekly oral teachings of the biblical storyline led by a trained national (lasting anywhere from 10 weeks to 24 weeks), would both disciple those who trusted Christ and/or help answer questions those who were curious about Christianity - hopefully bringing more to Christ. Thus, the story groups are CRUCIAL to the work in helping solidify decisions made during the 'parties' and to further evangelize those wanting to know more before embracing Christ.

You can see why the story groups were/are the primary purpose!!!!! Needless to say it got me thinking about how this sort of thing can/needs to be incorporated in the states.

The guys directing and leading out in this ministry are also very intentional about ensuring these men who trust Christ understand their need of being baptized - to which they follow up on until the men are dunked!

I will type more about this tomorrow - but for now suffice it to say that the overall vision for this ministry is HUGE and is backed with remarkable clarity and feet to the work. The guys I worked with last week don't just hope to see some men saved so they can write back to the states about how many men raised their hand at a party where they got some free stuff. No, no, no. These men are intentional and extreme about advancing the kingdom of Christ - where God is pouring out His waterfall of blessing. Yes, they want to see men saved. But not just a few. They want to work and plan and lead and direct and organize and arrange ministry to where those who are saved make disciples who make disciples who make order to see a movement rock the whole place.

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