Monday, April 25, 2011

God's Waterfall of Blessing - UAE

I just returned from one of the most, if not THE most, incredible mission trip experiences I have ever had the opportunity to participate in. There is so much floating around in my mind regarding it and much I want the world to know (or, at least the two or three people who read my blog)!

My plan is to take a different aspect of our mission trip experience each day this week and talk a bit about the ministry going on in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emarites).

Here's the plan:

Monday (Today!) - Explain the Title of the Blog Post series

Tuesday - Compassion Kit Parties

Wednesday - Compassion Kits

Thursday - Story Groups/Baptisms

Friday - Vision, Clarity, and being 'All In'

Late December 2010, a dear friend of mine packed his and his family's bags (and house and car and job and school) and headed for Dubai, UAE to be a part of the work God is doing there. Last week I had the chance to play a small part of that work.

What is God doing there you ask? Hence the title of the Blog Series for this week regarding the mission experience in Dubai. When I was asked why I am going to Dubai the week before Easter on a 'last second decision' trip I responded by saying that it seems as if God has chosen to pour out His waterfall of blessing on this place and I want to stand under the water for a while. I had not seen it firsthand. I had only heard about it through reports from my friend and his wife. But having gone I can say with integrity: "God is blessing in Dubai and I got to stand under the waterfall for a week!"

I will explain more in the coming days about what all is involved with the ministry there, but suffice it to say for now that my friend has partnered up with another guy (who actually believes that he can change the world by the power of the Gospel!!!) who has envisioned a plan to reach the nations there in Dubai. They are currently seeing dozens upon dozens of men from other religious backgrounds come to faith in Christ; join story groups to learn the Bible in oral form; be baptized; and lead others to faith in Christ. Some are even being led of God to go back to their home country (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ethiopia, just to name a few!) and advance the kingdom strategically and intentionally there. Needless to say, then, God is moving in what has formerly been considered some of the hardest people groups/religious groups to reach with the Gospel.

The guys who a spearheading this ministry are there with Compassion Kits under their arms and messages of hope in their hearts and are seeing many men trust Christ, be discipled by the Word, and then be trained to tell more about this message of hope. I've never seen anything like it.

For now, God's waterfall of blessing is being poured out in Dubai and surrounding areas where these labor camps are located. The kingdom is advancing. These guys and their families have been led to be a part of where God is working and they are joining in the movement.

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Ashley said...

I work at the "Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering" and we have TONS of members who live in Dubai and work in the engineering/construction field. Ive mailed a lot of things to the camps you are talking about - so its really neat to hear you talk about them first hand. I communicate with a lot of people from there, so this will be super interesting to read!